Reporting Services

Actionable Intelligence

Exigis delivers custom reporting and analysis along with our integrated reporting module – RiskWorks rm.Reports. Real-time process metrics, analysis and trending combined with flexible formatting and distribution rules make accessing and sharing information easier than ever before.

rm.Reports Screen Capture

Utilizing the integrated easy-to-use six step wizard, users are guided through the process of selecting information fields and grouping, organizing and applying data filters. rm.Reports incorporates a selection of analytical filters which can be applied to numeric data sets. In addition, rm.Reports enables the tracking and benchmarking of performance related metrics; such as cycle times, risk levels, total contract exposure, task responsiveness, system utilization, user activity, and exposure value data comparison capabilities.

  • Create an unlimited ad-hoc reports
  • Save and store reports
  • Easily export, save, print and distribute reports
  • Convert reports to Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat PDF or CSV