Insurance Automation

The RiskWorks suite of Insurance Automation Solutions is designed to automate the execution of decentralized business processes to enhance operational efficiency.

  • On-demand access and distribution of Certificates of Insurance and 50 state Auto ID Cards
  • Complete automation of Insurance Program Renewals across Coverage Lines, Policies, etc.
  • Flexible Allocation Modeling and Assessment of Insurance Premiums and Fees across multiple Programs, Product Lines, and/or Business Units

Insurance Application Suite

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Insurance Automation

  • rm.Certificates Request, issue and renew multi-line certificates of insurance
    rm.Certificates is a full service certificate of insurance management solution designed to enable on-demand access to certificates of insurance and automate the request, routing, processing, certificate holder distribution and annual renewal of outgoing certificates of insurance. Learn More >>
  • rm.Policies Manage insurance documents such as binders, policies and endorsements
    rm.Policies is a web application that provides a platform for the tracking and management of insurance related documents on an annual basis, including binders, policies and endorsements. Learn More >>
  • rm.Allocations Automate the allocation of insurance premiums and fees
    rm.Allocations streamlines the allocation of insurance related premiums and fees across insurance programs and business units. Learn More >>