Maximize Risk Management Productivity

Most risk management systems deliver more burden than benefit. Exigis RiskWorks is not another risk management system. RiskWorks is the industry’s only modular Risk Management Operating System (RMOS) offering a highly configurable suite of Risk, Insurance, and Treasury solutions.

  • Flexible suite of 12 plug-and-play application modules for Risk Management, Insurance Automation, and Trade Finance
  • Enterprise cloud-based platform – no hardware or software requirements
  • Resilient infrastructure with industry leading data security – SSAE 16 SOC-1 compliant
  • Intuitive system interface with customizable application dashboards
  • Highly configurable hierarchies, process workflows, and business rules
  • Advanced role-based permissions control user access to data and resources
  • Seamlessly integrate with other third-party information systems
  • Searchable audit trail provides a complete record of events and activities
  • Integrated reporting provides on-demand access to process analytics and business intelligence

RiskWorks Application Suite

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Risk Management

    • rm.Compliance
    Manage, track and verify incoming third-party certificates of insurance

    rm.Compliance is a full service insurance certificate tracking solution that leverages web-based software and comprehensive business services to centralize the administration of third party insurance compliance and automate the application and maintenance of contract standards.

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    • rm.Exposures
    Request, collect and report on insurance related exposure values

    rm.Exposures is a centralized data collection platform that streamlines the annual insurance renewal process by applying a flexible reporting and task delegation hierarchy to assist in requesting, aggregating, and reporting values across multiple product lines and business units.

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    • rm.RiskControl
    Manage and track surveys and loss control recommendations

    rm.RiskControl is a full service risk control tracking solution that leverages web-based software and comprehensive business services to centralize the submission, routing, approval, and reporting of loss control recommendations that are submitted by both internal and external safety engineers.

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    • rm.Incidents
    Manage the submission of incidents and tracking of events

    rm.Incidents automates and centralizes the tracking and reporting of incidents and events.

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    • rm.Contracts
    Standardize contract requirements and review/approve workflows

    rm.Contracts assists in facilitating the submission, review and approval of insurance related contract requirements.

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    • rm.Experts
    Streamline the intake, routing and response to user inquiries

    rm.Experts provides intelligent routing of user inquires to appropriate subject matter experts, as well as self-service access to ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ library.

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    • rm.Documents
    Edit, publish, and distribute various department documents

    rm.Documents is a flexible content knowledge management application providing publishing, editing, distribution, and versioning tools for documents and other related content.

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Insurance Automation

    • rm.Certificates
    Request, issue and renew multi-line certificates of insurance

    rm.Certificates is a full service certificate of insurance management solution designed to enable on-demand access to certificates of insurance and automates the request, routing, processing, certificate holder distribution and annual renewal of outgoing certificates of insurance.

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    • rm.Policies
    Manage insurance documents such as binders, policies and endorsements

    rm.Policies is a web application that provides a platform for the tracking and management of insurance related documents on an annual basis, including binders, policies and endorsements.

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    • rm.Allocations
    Automate the allocation of insurance premiums and fees

    rm.Allocations streamlines the allocation of insurance related premiums and fees across company departments and business units.

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Trade Finance

    • rm.TradeFinance
    Request and issue global contingent liability instruments

    rm.TradeFinance is an on-demand workflow automation solution that assists treasury departments in managing the request and processing of contingent liability instruments, such as: letters of credit, bank guarantees, surety bonds, and comfort letters.

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    • rm.BankAccounts
    Manage and track global bank accounts

    rm.BankAccounts automates the opening, closing, editing and overall approval of global bank accounts and regional branches, including the ability to provide integrated FX management supporting up to 82 global currencies.

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