Exposure Data Management


rm.Exposures is a centralized data management software that assists risk managers administer, track, and automate the exposure data and insurance values collection process. rm.Exposures focuses on validating exposure data and values information prior to an insurance renewal and assists in the collecting, tracking and analyzing risk schedules to ensure the data is accurate, complete and cost-efficient.

“ Exigis rm.Exposures completely changed our
underwriting process by saving us months of data
collection and greatly improved data integrity. “

– Becky Tafoya, New Mexico Association of Counties

Application Features:
  • Over 50 configurable Exposure Data Schedules and Risk Questionnaires – Property, Vehicles, Payroll, Cyber Security, Aviation, Marine Cargo, Business Interruption, etc.
  • Exposures Screen Caps2
  • Flexible organization hierarchy, location mapping, process workflows, and business rules
  • Dynamic task delegation, status updates, reminders, and escalations
  • Automated data validation and year-over-year benchmarking values
  • Integrated management of FX rates enables the submission, conversion, and administration of 82 global currencies
  • Comprehensive record of activities and communications between internal and external stakeholders
  • Ad-hoc reporting provides real-time access to actionable business intelligence, process/performance data, and insurance renewal values