Knowledge Management


rm.Experts provides intelligent routing of user inquires to designated subject matter experts and self-service access to ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ library.

Application Features:
  • Automatically routes questions to designated subject matter experts based on predefined criteria
  • Creates a link between users and knowledge experts
  • Searchable library of ‘FAQs’ organized by category and type
  • Publish annual list of most common risk management questions


rm.Documents is a flexible content and knowledge management application providing publishing, editing, distribution, and version control tools for documents and related content.

Application Features:
  • Post, edit, and publish free text content and multi-format documents – avi, doc, gif, html, pdf, ppt, rtf, txt, wmv, xls, xlsx, and zip
  • Flexible classification rules organize content and documents by type, topic, author, or audience
  • Content and document versioning automatically tracks revision history by post, user, and time-stamp
  • Dynamic submission ‘scoring’ tracks and ranks content and documents by relevancy according to popularity, user feedback, and date of publish
  • Customizable subscription rules enable real-time notification of newly published content and documents – register for news alerts by topic, author, etc.