Contract Review


rm.Contracts is designed to facilitate risk identification in contract language. The application utilizes an interactive questionnaire to evaluate the type of contract, its risk profile and the acceptability of the terms and conditions. rm.Contracts provides in-line prompts on thresholds and preferred language and, in the event that the contract does not meet the minimum pre-established thresholds, it is flagged as ‘non-standard’ and automatically routes to designated subject matter expert(s) for review.

Application Features:
  • Streamlines the submission and approval of buy/sell side contracts using custom notifications and routing hierarchies
  • Enforces internal standards for contract language by maintaining and updating language according to specific business needs
  • Dynamic versioning provides side-by-side comparison of contracts – field differential identifies and highlights contract revisions
  • Automated approval of ‘standard’ contracts while routing ‘non-standard’ contracts to designated reviewers
  • Each contract is assigned a relative ‘Risk Score’ based on the potential severity of identified deficiencies and the compliance level with prescribed corporate liability standards and guidelines
  • Comprehensive record of activities and communications between stakeholders
  • Integrated ad-hoc reporting provides real-time access to contract, process analytics, and performance trends