Trade Finance

The RiskWorks suite of Trade Finance Solutions is designed to centralize the administration of contingent liability instruments and automate the fulfillment of trade processes.

  • Central administration and management of global Contingent Liability Instruments and Bank Accounts
  • On-demand request, routing, validation, and issuance of Letters of Credit, Bonds, Guarantees, etc.
  • Real-time administration of bank account activity, authorizations, and signatories

Treasury Application Suite

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Trade Finance

    • rm.TradeFinance
    Request and issue global contingent liability instruments

    rm.TradeFinance is an on-demand workflow automation solution that assists treasury departments in managing the request and processing of contingent liability instruments, such as: letters of credit, bank guarantees, surety bonds, and comfort letters.

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    • rm.BankAccounts
    Manage and track global bank accounts

    rm.BankAccounts automates the opening, closing, editing and overall approval of global bank accounts and regional branches, including the ability to provide integrated FX management supporting up to 82 global currencies.

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Exigis won Treasury and Risk’s Alexander Hamilton Award in Technology.