Certificate of Insurance Issuance


rm.Certificates is a full service certificate of insurance management program designed to provide on-demand access to Certificates of Insurance by automating the request, routing, processing, distribution and annual renewal of outgoing Certificate of Insurance.

Modern software has changed the way everyone does business, and that’s true in insurance as in any other field. Whether you need assistance with tracking or verification or compliance, having the right tools at your disposal makes a massive difference in both productivity and reliability. With a certificate of insurance tracking service, you can keep better informed and up to date. Quality certificate of insurance tracking software can be a huge help in making that happen. While insurance certificate management is only one part of the larger equation, it’s integral. Whenever possible, you should always have the best resources available to make that most out of your time and effort.

Application Features:
  • Flexible web form provides simple, self-service request, processing and distributing of outgoing Certificates of Insurance – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Configurable forms and templates support both standardized ACORD and ISO forms as well as manuscript templates – Evidence of Self-Insurance, Memorandum of Insurance, etc.
  • Integrated business rules identify ‘non-standard’ Certificate of Insurance requests and automatically route to designated stakeholder(s) for review
  • Comprehensive Endorsement Library enables easy selection or automated inclusion of Policy Endorsements to each Certificate of Insurance
  • Point-and-click inclusion of customizable cover letters – email, fax, and US mail
  • Upload and track supporting documentation for each Certificate of Insurance request – contract, purchase order, etc.
  • Automated processing and distributing of all renewal Certificates of Insurance to designated Certificate Holders via email, fax and/or US mail
  • Comprehensive record of activities and communications between internal and external stakeholders
  • Integrated ad-hoc reporting provides real-time access to insurance certificate data, process analytics, and performance trends

“ With the help of Exigis software [RiskWorks], Tyco eliminated the manual handling of over 40,000 certificates of insurance and achieved aggressive ROI goals. We couldn’t have done it without Exigis! “

– Christian Heinisch, Senior Manager, Risk Management, TE Connectivity