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Understanding ‘Additional Named Insured’ Status and Securing it through Disciplined Process and Proper Documentation

October 10th, 2014 by Exigis Media

EXIGIS understands the importance of having the ‘Additional Insured’ status noted on your Certificate of Insurance and how this can greatly alter the value of the insurance product. Check out this great article by Joseph W. Bauer to learn more about the importance of tracking and managing your third-party insurance documentation!

“Additional named insured status, correctly understood and properly documented, can be the difference between a significant loss to your company and a small one. Or even no loss at all. But the operative principles are correctly understood and properly documented.”

Joseph W. Bauer is the Principal of Bauer Advising LLC. Bauer Advising offers
independent help to companies in understanding an optimizing their insurance, and facilitates the settlement of large coverage issues. It also assists companies by matching insurance technology resources to risk management and claim management needs.

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